Press Release Copywriting Services for Solar Companies in South Africa

Do you have news that needs to be carefully worded before distribution? We offer professional press release copywriting services for solar installation companies in South Africa.

Why do you need press release copywriting services for your solar business?

Publicity can increase your solar company profile and inform your potential clients, existing clients and the industry about your latest news and product launches:

  • A good press release can be picked up by journalists and made into a featured story to get you excellent exposure
  • Position your company as a thought leader in the renewable energy or electric vehicle (EV) industry
  • Announce new services or products
  • Manage a crisis by quickly responding to the public through an official press release
  • Build and manage your company’s online reputation

What’s the press release copywriting services process?

We follow press release best practice with our clients to ensure the timely and effective creation of press releases:

  • Client meeting: we meet with you to understand your immediate press release needs and both short and long term objectives
  • Situational analysis to understand current awareness and your online reputation
  • Communication strategy that aligns with the press release objectives
  • Press release writing: creation of the actual press release including your company boilerplate copy and contact information
  • Internal editing and review
  • Client review
  • Final changes
  • Publication to your website’s press office or through your press contacts
  • Analysis of press release results