Paid Media Copywriting Services for Solar Companies in South Africa

High quality paid media copywriting for your solar business can impact the success of your campaigns and result in a lower cost per lead and cost per sale.

Why do you need paid media copywriting services for your solar company?

Benefits of optimal paid media copywriting include:

  • The right message is shown to the right audience at the right time on the right paid media channel
  • Relevance to your audience ensures a higher propensity to click through to your landing page
  • Audiences will engage with your advertising (comments, likes and shares) resulting in greater reach and lower overall cost

What’s the paid media copywriting services process?

We create optimal ad copy based on your campaign objectives:

  • Client onboarding, research and discovery: we meet with you to understand your products, services and the unique selling points and benefits they provide your clients
  • Audience research to ensure the greatest resonance with ad messaging
  • Ad copy production: we write copy that aligns with best practice for Facebook, Instagram, Google Paid Search, Google Display and LinkedIn advertising
  • Internal editing and review
  • Client review
  • Final changes
  • Publication to your ad platforms
  • A/B testing and optimisation to ensure constant improvement to your ad campaigns