Email and Newsletter Copywriting Services for Solar Companies in South Africa

Do you need email automation and newsletter services for your solar installation business? Your email database is a truly valuable business asset – as long as the people in the list have opted in to receive communication from you and as long as you provide them with value and respect their inbox.

Why do you need email and newsletter copywriting services for your solar company?

Email is still one of the most effective marketing channels:

  • Emails can give your subscribers and clients value through information and engaging content
  • You can and should customise and personalise the emails sent to individuals in your email list to ensure they are as relevant as possible
  • You are able to directly reach your subscribers and clients through email. This is not always possible or cost effective through other marketing channels
  • Email is an excellent way to start an engagement with a customer and respond to their questions
  • Remember, this is not about you sending out news but rather creating a lasting relationship with people

What’s the email and newsletter copywriting services process?

We follow a process that first understands your clients, your business and objectives, and then aligns that with a winning communications strategy:

  • Client onboarding, research and discovery: we meet to understand your clients, how you help them with your products and services and what your business objectives are
  • Communication strategy: we work with you to develop a meaningful and effective communications plan to engage, convert and retain your clients
  • Email calendar planning: planning the timing and frequency of email campaigns
  • Automations: developing automated workstreams based on events that trigger effective communications
  • Content creation
  • Client review
  • Final changes
  • Publication to your email systems
  • Optimisation and quality assurance including spam trigger checking and A/B testing of subject lines, email copy, call to action, mobile responsiveness and rendering in different email clients