Blogging Services for Solar Companies in South Africa

We research and create blog posts for the solar industry in South Africa.

Why do you need blogging services for your solar company?

Blog posts serve multiple functions and are an important part of your content marketing strategy:

  • Blogs provide useful information to your prospective and current clients
  • More organic traffic from Google: blog posts appear in the Google search index and allow you to rank for keywords related to your products or services
  • Blog posts are shared to social media profiles and increase visibility of your brand, products and services on social media networks
  • Blog posts allow you to establish your brand as a thought leader and authority in the renewable energy or EV industry
  • Blog post topics are excellent material for your email newsletter and allow you to connect to your email marketing subscribers

What’s the blogging services for solar companies process?

We follow a proven process for blogging to ensure we apply best practice to how your blogs are researched, created, published and promoted:

  • Client onboarding, research and discovery: we meet with you to understand your products, services and the unique selling points and benefits they provide your clients
  • Topic and keyword research for maximum impact with your audience and within Google organic search (SEO)
  • Content calendar production: topic planning and mapping out the next 3 to 6 months
  • Blog post writing: blog post creation according to proven best practice in terms of length and structure
  • Internal editing and review
  • Client review
  • Final changes
  • Publication to your content management system
  • Promotion to ensure maximum visibility, shares and page views