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Big Savings with Property Fox

Selling property is expensive. The traditional 7% estate agent's commission could be well used on other expenses such as moving costs or DIY on your new property. But what if I told you that the …

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How to Write Good Copy

Writing good copy is not the same thing as writing correct copy. Correct copy has good grammar, spelling and logic. Correct copy is technically sound and factually correct. Good copy is correct copy …

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How to Write Headlines that Sell

Your headline needs to sell the rest of your article – and you have mere milliseconds to grab attention. Copywriters have always known that a good headlines is the key to getting their work read. …

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Writing Tip: Branch to the Right

Imagine the sentences you write start with a train locomotive that pulls all the carriages along. This locomotive is the SUBJECT and VERB combination that gives your sentence meaning early on. …

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