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Back to Basics with Copywriting

There is absolute truth in the statement: "Copy is King". Copywriting is the the fundamental particle of matter when it comes to business, marketing and communication. It is the quark, neutrino and …

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How writing helps me get a life

I woke up too early this morning (for a Saturday) and lay dozing for a bit. As the sun rose our room became brighter and brighter and soon I was fully awake. Usually I would grab my phone and see …

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My best time to write

Now let's get one thing absolutely straight here. I am NOT a morning person. I blame my night owl tendencies on my Portuguese surname (Lopes) which means "son of wolf".  Wolves prowl at night. I'm …

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Big Savings with Property Fox

Selling property is expensive. The traditional 7% estate agent's commission could be well used on other expenses such as moving costs or DIY on your new property. But what if I told you that the …

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